Native speakers

Excellence has become the new standard and this is what we have been looking for since the beginning of our existence as a company: excellent people who contribute to the growth of the company they work for. As a clear example that we do not just stick to theory, we hire people outside Bulgaria to come and work in Sofia for some of our clients. To live up to the high expectations of our International clients we actively recruit native speakers from Western Europe.  Since Elittro has established a partnership with the Belgian Groupe Rossel, one of the leading press and media groups in Belgium and France, we have easy access to French and Dutch natives.


Our focus on engaged staff

As many of our customers, we have successfully adapted to the harsh economic circumstances. Flexibility and the urge to look for creative solutions have resulted in stricter selection procedures. Nowadays, companies can no longer afford to hire average employees who just do their job. Elittro does not select just “employees”.  Elittro selects employees who are enthusiastic and who make a sincere effort to contribute to both team and company success. Elittro selects inspiring leaders, passionate coaches, tireless supporters, individual stars.


Experienced in selecting BPO staff

Our long tradition of selecting BPO staff has proven that we are a trustworthy partner. Elittro was was established in September 2005, but our experiences in selecting BPO staff dates back to 2002. In the course of time, we have successfully selected hundreds of BPO staff matching the required profile and language knowledge for different BPO companies.


Partnership instead of transaction

We have always focused on the specific needs of our clients. In order to find the right people for them, we understand that this is impossible without a better mutual understanding. Our individual approach, combined with years of experience and know-how of the BPO market, makes ELITTRO more of a partner than a “recruitment agency”.


Honesty as the basis of effective recruitment & selection

Our Senior Recruiters have extensive knowledge and industry experience which enables them to understand the clients’ needs and to identify the best qualified candidates for each position. We will not swamp a client’s hiring manager or HR department with speculative irrelevant resumes; rather, we will only submit screened applicants assessed against the client’s requirement criteria.


Licence No. 1416

We hold MLSP Staff Recruitment License No. 1416 for work placements abroad (valid till April 2017)

Licence No. 1415

We hold MLSP Staff Recruitment License No. 1415 for work placements in Bulgaria (valid till April 2017)